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Founders League Channel Expands:
Now Showing on Amazon Fire TV as well as Roku

Beginning Friday, May 19, 2017, you can now see Founders League Channel on Amazon Fire TV, as well as on Roku.
Founders League Channel
moves from a Private Channel
to a Public Channel 
as it migrates to a new distribution platform.

As part of moving from a Private Channel to a new Public Channel on Roku and then also migrating from one content distribution platform to another, we have had to re-load all of our video content. But now we are back to full strength with about 700 videos available for viewing - even more video content than before.

So use the regular 'Search' feature on your Roku to find us - Founders League Channel
- and check-out all that we have to offer - absolutely free of charge.

May Founders League Channel be a real blessing for you and your family.


Roland Smith

President / Executive Director

Founders League

- Our Content Providers
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • American Renewal Project
  • Associates for Biblical Research
  • Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
  • E.W. Jackson / S.T.A.N.D.
  • Family Research Council (Tony Perkins)
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Institute for Principled Studies
  • Institute for Faith, Work & Economics
  • Living Waters (Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron)
  • Marshall Foster
  • Salt & Light Council
  • Wallbuilders (David Barton)
  • William J. Federer
We are in the process of developing content guides and posting representative videos for each of the Content Providers listed below. The "Content Guide" will give you a listing of all of their content and the"Sample Videos" will give you a sense for the type of content they provide. Feel free to click on these links as they become available.
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> Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)
(Click Logo to go to WebSite)
A variety of excellent videos concerning the attacks against our Religious Freedoms, Marriage and Family and the Sanctity of Life. They serve to outline the legal struggles encountered, in-fill the personal details about the people caught-up in those struggles and explain some of the work undertaken by ADF in defending against those attacks. Powerful and eye opening stuff.

> American Renewal Project (ARP)
(Click Logo to go to WebSite)
The American Renewal Project exists to educate, encourage and engage pastors, church leaders and congregants to actively participate in their historic, God given responsibility to maintain and refresh the American political conscience. Their videos speak to the messaging connected with this aim.
Sample Video - Here is a video clip entitled "America Must Turn to Jesus", that will give you an idea of what the American Renewal Project is about.
> Associates for Biblical Research (ABR)
(Click Logo to go to WebSite)
A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to demonstrating how archaeological and Biblical research continue to support and substantiate the historical reliability of the Bible. As a Pastor I know is fond of saying, "the more they dig out of the ground, the more the Bible proves to be right".
These guys must really  dig their work!
> Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
(Click Logo to go to WebSite)

Video & audio aimed at preserving and promoting the Family and its underlying Biblical Principles while seeking to introduce people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

They provide amazing content focusing on marriage, parenthood, evangelism, the sanctity of human life and encouraging righteousness in the culture.

Family Research Council
(Click Logo to go to WebSite)
Insightful and timely commentary on daily events and ongoing trends. Interviews with people who have a real impact on our culture. Powerful and comprehensive video presentations that thoroughly examine current topics, promoting understanding, problem solving and the appropriate Christian response.
> Heritage Foundation
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution—a think tank—whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.


They believe the principles and ideas of the American Founding are worth conserving and renewing.
> Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)
The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) is a Christian organization advancing a free and flourishing society by revolutionizing the way people view their work. They believe the Bible’s timeless truths about the purpose of our work and how to make wise decisions with all that we've been given. They further believe that when Christians understand and live out the biblical meaning of work, then lives, societies, and nations will be transformed for Christ.
> Institute for Principled Studies
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)
Mike Winther and the IPS believe that we need to apply scriptural principles to all aspects of our lives and to all of our institutions, with a particular emphasis on government, economics and the teaching of  history. The Institute, through lectures series and coursework, works to reverse the decline of our nation (and our world) by restoring consistent, Biblically Principled thinking to these areas.
> Living Waters
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)
Video presentations that Inspire and Equip Christians in Fulfilling the Great Commission. They serve as a source of training while providing powerful insights into evangelism outreach, witnessing & sharing your faith with others. Their content here includes"The Way of the Master" series (all 4 seasons) and their Heart Changer documentaries, such as "180", "Genius", "Noah" and "Evolution vs God". We also have their first feature film, "Audacity" and now their most recent feature film, "The Atheist Delusion". It is powerful, life-changing stuff! And now, select videos are in Spanish!
 - Promo above - "The Way of the Master" series - / - Trailer above for movie "The Atheist Delusion" -
> Marshall Foster
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)
Marshall Foster and the World History Institute work to promote an understanding of the “cause and effect” of personal liberty, human rights, private enterprise, constitutional government, charity and the explosion of faith around the world. They embrace the providential view of history; a purposeful saga under the direction of a loving Creator. This was the long dominant view of Western Civilization from the time of Augustine, but appears to have all but disappeared from our institutions of learning today.  Dr. Foster and WHI seek to fill that void by being a voice for this teaching and add to our understanding of the world and its meaning.
> Salt & Light Council
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)

Videos that encourage and support the training and  equipping of churches to establish Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries that will defend and promote life, natural marriage, our constitutional and religious liberties.

> Staying True to America's Destiny - STAND
(Click on Logo to go to WebSite)
Weekly National Awakening Coalition Conference Calls, where E.W. Jackson hosts and interviews notable guests who are engaged on the cultural battlefield in some way, working to bring our nation back to its Founding Judeo-Christian Principles.
> WallBuilders
(Click to go to WebSite)
Videos that present America’s forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage. Supported by in-depth research, these videos will open your eyes to the Christian Principles that undergirded the formation of our country and the fabric of our American culture.
  Above is a great clip about the Star Spangled Banner.
 - See "Bulletproof Washington" above -       - / -                     - See a clip on "D-Day" above -      
> William J. Federer
(Click to go to WebSite)
Another rock-solid Christian Worldview historian, William J. Federer’s videos present the evidence of God’s hand throughout both American and world history. Like WallBuilders, he also reveals a great deal of evidence to show the Christian Principles underlying our nation’s founding and subsequent development.
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