About Founders League



About Us

Who are we?

Founders League is Non-Profit established to be a Voice for Christ in our nation by promoting the use of Founding Principles; Biblical Principles; Christian Principles in all of our communities.


Our Mission Statement

To engage in strategies that seek to

  - establish where absent,

  - nurture where beginning,

  - support where existing,

  - and defend where under attack,


the use of Christian, Biblical Principles in the workings of communities within the United States of America, from the neighborhood to the nation.


How does Founders League plan to accomplish this?

With the Lord’s leading, the Founders League approach will be to employ a number of strategies, currently numbering around 20, that collectively.

  - Awaken — an interest in individuals concerning their culture — what’s at stake

  - Raise — an awareness of the situational issues — what’s going on

  - Invite — a response through engagement — what can be done

  - Support — by facilitating access to Portals of Influence™ — how & where it can be done
  - Encourage — perseverance and a commitment to action — hanging in there


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