You Can Help!



Six (6) things you can do to help FLC become a reality.

1) Pray
2) Donate
3) Create a 'Buzz'
4) Encourage CPs
5) Give of Your Time
6) ID Content You Like

Want to Help ?

Want to do something to help?

Want to be a part of the adventure of launching

Founders League Channel ™ ?

Here are six (6) things you can do; concrete ways you can help!

Join the Adventure!
1)    Your Prayers:

We would be so grateful for your prayers; prayers that the Lord would use Founders League Channel™ powerfully to spread Christian Principled content to the American TV Audience; prayers that Christian Principled Content Providers would grant us permission to post their content on FLC; prayers that the Lord would cause the work we are doing in His Name to bear much fruit; prayers that the Lord would give us ears to hear His voice and eyes to see His leading and hearts that are obedient to follow, in everything we do; along with so many other prayers of

support you may have a heart to pray.

Answered Prayers: We are seeing several Christian Principled Content Providers granting us permission to post their content.

(Click here to let us know that [and even how] you are praying for us.)

   2)    Financial Support:  

  F It takes money to make things happen technically for Founders League Channel ™, like purchasing, maintaining and managing our channel access and programming the interfaces for users, just to name a couple of items. And all of these things are possible only through your financial support. So your donations are essential to doing this important work and are greatly appreciated. Please prayerfully consider giving generously to support this work of reaching the American TV Audience with Christian Principled Content. And if you have a choice, regular monthly giving is preferred. It makes our income more stable and helps us to better manage and plan.

(Please click here to go to the donations page.)


   3)    Create a 'Buzz': 

     Tell your friends about what we are doing, like us and follow us on FaceBook and share the FaceBook site and Website with your friends.

(Click here to go to our FaceBook site.)



   4)    Personally Contact Prospective CPs: 

Contact some or all of our prospective Content Providers (CPs) and let them know that you really like the vision for Founders League Channel ™ and would really like to see their content on FLC and, perhaps most importantly, would watch their content if it was on FLC. Send them a friendly email, 'Like' them on FaceBook and send them a message by FaceBook, call them, write them; whatever suits your style.  But let them know that you would watch them if they were on FLC.

(Click here if to see a list of Content Providers and links to contact them by email.)

5)    Donate Time - Volunteer:

      We have many volunteer positions available and we need help from those who have a heart for being a voice for Christ in our culture. If you are interested in serving with us, send us an email giving a little background of who you are, your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs), and what kind of work you might be interested in doing.

      (Click here if you would like to send us an email.)


      (Click here if you would like to see some key positions we are looking to fill now.)

6)    Content You Would Like to See:

      Tell us about Content Providers or content types you would like to see on Founders League Channel

(Click here if you would like to send us an email.)

So if you really would like to see this vision for Founders League Channel ™ come to fruition, these are six (6) concrete things you can do to help. Please consider doing any or all of them. Thank you. - Roland Smith

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