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What is Founders League Channel?

Founders League Channel is an outreach of Founders League to distribute Christian Principled Content to the American TV Audience - and soon to Personal Digital Devices. It currently distributes this content on Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms, providing free Video-On-Demand and Audio-On-Demand content from over a dozen Christian Principled Content Providers.

What's our purpose?

Our purpose is to position ourselves as a ‘one-stop-shopping-place’

– a shopping mall, if you will - for forthright, solid, Christian Principled, Christian Worldview Content. 

Instead of competing with the many content providers already producing excellent content, our leading has been  to corral this information -- from a variety of great sources - into one convenient place for viewers to browse and enjoy - first on TV, then selected personal devices in the future.

We seek to bring our audience -

  • Content that will inform about the world around us
  • Content that will reveal the lessons of history
  • Content that will edify, encourage and build-up
  • Content that will answer questions, add to our knowledge and pique our curiosity
  • Content that will bring deeper insight and stir us to reflection
  • Content that will spur us to action and make clear what that action should be
  • Content that will bring a smile to our face or tear to our eye 
  • Content that refreshes us
  • Content that will have direct application in living the life the Lord has planned for us to live
  • Content that will help equip us to be a clear voice for Christ and His Principles in our culture - from the neighborhood to the nation

And while presented from a Christian Worldview, our channel is not exclusively for Christians.

Christian principles make sense, even if you are not a Christian! God’s Principles have a sweet way of providing practical, down-to-earth benefits, even apart from their spiritual benefits. As such, these principles can be just plain attractive to people - even if they are not Christian. And so, it is our prayer that many will find our content helpful and supportive, even if they do not yet know the Lord. 

And for those who do not yet have a personal relation with Jesus Christ, may this ministry offer them an attractive way to know more about Him.

How Does the Technology Work?

Founders League Channel (FLC) utilizes low cost IPTV* technology to present video and audio content to TV viewing audiences across the world - though our primary focus is to reach Americans; here in the States, its possesions and territories, and in American Military Bases around the world. Our infrastructure allows us to also connect to a variety of digital devices  - like SmartPhones and Tablets - and we are making such plans for the near future . (*Internet Protocol Television)

This technology utilizes the same digital highway as Digital TV, Digital Telephone, and the regular Internet, but is coded and decoded differently and connects inexpensively to any TV. (In fact, some of the newer TVs are already IPTV capable.) And this is all accomplished at costs which are a small fraction of those for broadcasting via cable or over-the-air networks.

All of our content is currently presented in Video-On-Demand or Audio-On-Demand format with a player that allows you to Start-Stop-Pause and go forward and backward, like you would with a VCR or DVR. costs nothing to see our channel. It's free!

What's On FLC?

We have an excellent library of high quality content, comprised of both longer shelf-life presentations and daily / weekly presentations, to which we are adding regularly.

Check it out by clicking here ==>.  - Now Playing -


Why IPTV and not the regular Web ?

Several factors were involved in our decision. First, TV and the Web appear to have different audiences... and apparently without much overlap. The one crowd likes the "Lean-In" experience of the Laptop or PC/Mac. The other audience prefers the "Lean-Back" experience of TV. 

Another factor is size. The TV audience is significant in its size as it appears that about half of all Americans still look to the TV as their main source for news and information. (Gallup 2013) 

Most of the content providers we currently work with -  or seek to work with -  already have a Web presence and are already connecting with the Internet audience. But the high costs associated with conventional TV usually puts the TV audience out of reach for them. Though many do manage to get some valuable TV exposure on well known and popular TV channels by way of interviews, panels and other "Guest Spots", such exposure is quite limited because it is an infrequent, irregular, scheduled, time-slotted, time-constrained event. Further, brand identity is diluted because they are only a small segment of an otherwise established show.

Finally, by our focusing on distributing their content to audiences they do not currently reach - such as TV - we avoid competing with our Content Providers' own Web Sites for viewers and ad revenue. We are looking to expand their reach, not compete for it.
One of the cool advantages of FLC over conventional TV - like videos or audios on a Website, all of the video/audio content on our channel is On-Demand. That means you can play anything you want - as much as you want - and it is available 24/7, anytime it is convenient for the viewer. No DVR. No hurrying home to catch your favorite show. No missing a show because you couldn't be there at the right time.

And unlike "Guest Spots" or "Interviews", FLC provides our content providers the opportunity to deliver their own branded presentations in a branded space -  short clips or program length - in this VOD/AOD format.

So Founders League Channel can extend the reach for these content providers to a new audience, well beyond the home & office Laptop or PC/Macs and into living rooms across America (and nearly anywhere else you might watch TV).

The Founders League Channel Strategy provides a new choice; a new choice for content providers and TV viewers alike. By helping organizations with Christian Principle Content by-pass the Conventional Media streams, FLC provides an inexpensive way to reach the TV audience directly, while TV viewers will be able to view Christian Principled Content largely unavailable from the  Conventional TV experience today.

Want to Check-Out our Channel?  Read-on below.

Already Own a Roku? 

You can add us using the usual Search & Add method.

  1. Simply select the "Search" feature in Roku's Main Menu 
    • (Left Hand side of the 'Start' or 'Home' screen). 
  2. Begin entering the letters for "founders league"  in the search entry tool (caps not needed). Even before you finish, "Founders League Channel" will appear on the Right Hand side. 
  3. Then slide to the Right to select it. It commonly will be at the top of the list and is automatically selected as you move Right. If it is NOT at the top of the list (uncommon), you may have to scroll down the list to highlight it.
  4. Then slide again to the Right. 
  5. Next, slide Right again and select "Add Channel". 
  6. Then you can either go directly to the channel, or go back Left to the Main Menu and you will find the Founders League Channel Icon in your line-up.  

Prospective Content Providers:

Organizations that would like to explore partnering with Founders League in this new venture can contact us at this email address -

Want to know how you can view Founders League Channel?

If you do not have Roku and 

would like more information on 

how to view Founders League Channel, contact us at this email address -

More on Roku
Roku is a device which decodes the content so that it can be played on a TV. Roku will be the first IPTV device we will work with to distribute content, but we have plans to expand to other devices in the future. Roku is available from a number of sources, including Costco, Amazon and  Roku itself.
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