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Founders League Channel

Your personal contact with Content Providers can be a powerful influence. So we have shown below some of the more esteemed Content Providers we are currently seeking and have invited to join us on  Founders League Channel™ , but who have not granted us permission, not finalized an agreement with us, or not agreed to test their content with us, yet.

We have included links to their Websites so you can get familiar with who they are. We have also included names and titles of key persons in the organization.

To make it quick and easy for you to contact them, just click on the name and a pre-populated email form should appear. Feel free to modify or re-write it to suit your self. (In fact, it would actually be better in your own words, any way!) Be sure to indicate your name, city and state. And be sure to keep your action in prayer. If there are tons of personal emails like this, it could prove very helpful in convincing these content providers that there is an important audience to reach and that it would make sense to sign with us.

Please consider emailing them all.

Thank you for stepping up and being a voice in this effort, Roland Smith

Prospective Content Providers

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Founders League Channel

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